What Makes Time Square A Must Visit In NYC

How often have you seen your favorite movie star posing for a chic picture in front of NYC’s Times Square? Well, we know you do not even have the count! This iconic place happily bustles with excited shoppers and commuters crashing on the road. The glittery lights, neon billboards, and active pedestrians all over! These things keep Times Square busy and on the top list of travelers to NYC. Well, apart from this, if you are curious to know what else makes Times Square a must-visit for every US trip, then hang on with us throughout the end of this article! 

Traveling to New York City is incomplete if you don't visit Times Square, which is regarded as one of New York City's most popular tourist attractions. Time Square is the epicenter for all happening things and a famous New Year's Eve venue. A slow walk or a stroll throughout time square can be a fascinating experience due to its bright lights and skyscrapers which give you a megapolis and big city impression.  

You can go there by public transport, and a cab is widely available everywhere in that zone. Although New York City has already minimized the number of vehicles and cabs in that area to keep it less congested, a good number of cabs are still available. So apart from watching a broadway show or hanging out in nearby Bryant Park, there are many more things Time Square can offer you. 

Grab A Ticket to Madame Tussauds New York 

This place is known globally for the great wax figure statues of famous personalities worldwide. It is the prime destination of amazing artistry that creates magnificent replicas of celebrities from various social domains. So while in Time Square, don't waste the chance to meet your favorite celeb or the famous personality from your history book. Take a snap with them and treasure it throughout your memory lane. 

Watch A Broadway Show 

If you love theater and shows, visiting time square will give you some best experiences. Times Square is the epicenter for many of New York City's Broadway theaters. You can buy show tickets in advance or at the showtime within the individual box offices. But if you want to cut the expense as you are on a budget holiday, go to the TKTS booth. The TKTS booth is famous for providing a great discount to all types of dance performances, plays, broadway shows, and various performances. If you are lucky, you can get more than a 50% discount on ticket prices.  

Attend A Live Late Night Show 

Time Square is also famous for hosting some of the major late-night shows in which some famous hosts tape their shows in this area within the heart of the city, and that is Times Square. You can easily attend a live show with your favorite host. Some of the biggest ones in the area are mentioned as follows  

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    Stephen Colbert late show at the Ed Sullivan Theater, 

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    Jimmy Fallon’s the tonight show in the Rockefeller Building

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    Trevor Noah’s The Daily Show at the CBS Building.  


But the best part of seeing a taping show is that it is free; anyone can attend and get a ticket easily. However, reservations are also available, which are generally open a couple of months in advance, so it is better to plan if you are planning a trip to NYC. 

Visit Ripley's Believe It Or Not 

If you are visiting Time Square, don't forget to experience the thrill at Ripley's Believe It Or Not. It offers more than 500 exhibits and interactive experiences, which is why Ripley's ‘Believe It or Not’ is one of the major times Square attractions you can't miss. It's one of the largest Ripley attractions in the U.S it contains some of the biggest thrills, like a torture chamber and black hole exhibits. While inside it, you can also engage in various New York City activities, like solving puzzles and traveling the world. You will lose track of time once you're inside. 

Visit The Historic Knickerbocker Hotel 

In the heart of Times Square lies the historical Knickerbocker Hotel which was first opened in 1906 with 556 rooms. The hotel is famous because it used to house the world's most famous personalities in politics, entertainment, and high society. Even these days, the hotel is as posh as earlier. Book a luxury stay for a special event if the budget permits. 

The Conclusion 

New York City is expensive and will be heavy on your pocket. So we suggest cutting down the overall cost by several means, and one of the best ways is to stay in a long-term holiday rental in New York rather than choosing a hotel. Staying in a vacation rental home will be the best affordable option for you in NYC. 

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