London Corporate Stays- 3 Things You Must Know

So if you are about to visit London for official purposes, there are a range of options available to corporate and business travellers looking for somewhere to get a corporate stay in London, whether it is for the short term or for a long time. Here in this article, we explain corporate Accommodation in London and what to look for while looking for the best Accommodation.

What Do You Mean By Corporate Accommodation?

Corporate Accommodation is required by business travellers and those who come here for official purposes. It is fundamentally temporary; however, it is suitable for long-term and short-term stays for authorised needs. It also includes business travel accompanied by family. Corporate Accommodation in London is immensely diverse. It consists of various housing, including individual and standalone apartments and houses. Sometimes, it also comprised studio flats and hotel rooms.

Business accommodation, or corporate Accommodation, is generally different from leisure or travel accommodation. This Accommodation is structured and designed to keep a corporate traveller's needs in mind. TIt is usually located in crowded offices and within the business hub of London. These accommodations focus mainly on functionality and daily living rather than the travel experience but ensure total comfort. They are generally luxurious, but the focus is on giving complete pace to the business traveller so they can live and work in a homely environment. The corporate accommodation industry is booming with the expansion of the international industrial marketplace. Most of the corporate travellers found hotel stays quite restrictive and more expensive. Neither do they offer home-like facilities and space. The central location of London has become the hub of corporate Accommodation for the last few years.

Types Of Corporate Apartment in London

When choosing corporate Accommodation in London or anywhere, it's essential first to consider the nature of your stay and the length. Corporate Accommodation can be of two types such as 

Short-term corporate Accommodation: This type is designed for business travellers such as employees, secondment staff clients etc. Short time means the person will sometimes be staying between three days to six months. Generally, most business travellers stay between 1 week to four weeks, but it varies greatly. In this case, business travellers need to stay close to the work area, where they can get remote support. This type of Accommodation can offer hotel-like services, amenities and facilities.

Long-term corporate Accommodation: This type of corporate Accommodation is designed for those travellers staying in London where they are about to last more than three months or more, or even up to a year. This type of Accommodation suits those who are relocating to London for work. This offers home-from-home Accommodation although some hotel-like services. All the necessary bills are included in both types of Accommodation. It includes furnishing items like bedsheets and bedcover, mattresses apart from furnishings and kitchen equipment, and various appliances and utensils that should be included too. All the mentioned items should be functional.

The Three Things To Know

Corporates Accommodation Offers Professional Management

Corporate Accommodation is meant to help a working professional enjoy home amenities. So the premises must be professionally managed, so the individual doesn't need the Landlord's assistance every time and in every issue. But the management should include emergency assistance and maintenance teams.

Business Accommodation Must Have Regular Cleaning And Housekeeping: 

Although this varies from property to property, you can generally get regular cleaning or housekeeping ranging with corporate Accommodation. It can happen daily to weekly, according to the needs of the individual.

A Corporate Accommodation Must Be Well Furnished:

Please check whether the corporate Accommodation you will hit must have All the necessary furnishings. It should include a dining and office area, a separate kitchen or kitchenette and wifi access.

The Conclusion

So, if you plan to go to London for a corporate trip, choose your Accommodation wisely and look for the facilities mentioned above.


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