A Perfect Seven-Day Cozy Trip In Paris For Couples

Are you getting married soon? Then why not plan a trip together to a mystical place where your fairytale romance will begin. Well, no place is better than the ‘City of Love’! Yes, you guessed it right, we are talking about Paris. Paris can offer you a lot to explore and a week's plan with your better half in Paris seems excellent news! This is just about the right amount of time to spend and explore the city in a new light. Although you could spend months there without getting bored, Paris can offer you a lot you can imagine. You can indeed fall in love with your love of life and start a new life in Paris.
With a week in hand, you can visit all the famous tourist attractions of Paris and some romantic and scheduled destinations. You must be thinking that 7 days in Paris seems like a lot. But in reality, it is significantly less as Paris is a mega city, covering a large landmass; therefore, commuting from one place to the other takes a sufficient amount of time. Moreover, with the massive crowds of locals and tourists, it gets all the necessary time; you are better off planning your daily visit and a perfect romantic itinerary.
But if you are too lazy to plan on your own or just not sure how to make a perfect romantic plan for your Paris honeymoon, then fear not, as we are here to help you out. We will guide you to some of the best locations in the city and famous sights. You do your part, like booking your flight tickets and planning your accommodation. And we suggest ditching a hotel or luxury staying and going for a better and homely option like a holiday home in Paris, as you will be getting all the necessary amenities at a much cheaper rate than a hotel. Moreover, it will help you to explore the city like a local. So what are you waiting for? Just book your tickets and plan your upcoming romantic gateway.
Get a comprehensive guide to a seven-day romantic itinerary and how to skip crowds to enjoy your special moments together. So continue reading to cherish some of the best days of your life.
Day 1
Your first day should be a lazy exploration so that you can spend more time with each other. The welcoming day needs to be relaxing so that you can save energy for the next six days. Explore the local market, cafe, and shopping stores, and do not miss the Eiffel Tower if you stay near it. Also explore Champ De mars, trocadero, Champ Elysees etc.
Day 2
Start your day with a romantic photoshoot with a local professional photographer. They can recommend some romantic spots to catch the most incredible views. Afterward, you can begin your journey at Port Alexandre bridge and head to La Creperie for breakfast. Then have your dinner on the cruise at Seine to call it a day.
Day 3
Keep the third day busy with shopping and a little bit of a visit to some famous attractions like Louver or Musee d'Orsay, Luxembourg Gardens, and the Pantheon. All these are located close, so it will help you explore some of the most significant places within a brief period. So the rest of the time you can enjoy shopping.
Day 4

Day four is kept for Versailles. Spend the day away from the city humdrum and visit this place. The easiest way to get there is via train journey. It was a symbol of the French monarchy. Don't forget to do some romantic yet royal photoshoots in this massive castle.
Day 5
Keep this entire day wandering around Montmartre, which is one of Paris's most charming neighborhoods. Visit the Moulin Rouge, the Sacre-Coeur, a Romano-Byzantine basilica, and much more. You can even get a guided tour here.
Day 6

On your 6th day of a romantic getaway, visit Père Lachaise, Les Marais, and Center Pompidou. It is one of the famous cemeteries in Paris, and you wander the rest of the day at Pompidou to admire some beautiful street art. 
Day 7

Be a bit adventurous by visiting the famous Montparnasse Tower and Catacombs. The Catacombs are open from Tuesdays to Sundays from 9:45 am to 8:30 pm. So plan it accordingly.
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