Things To Do In A 4-Day Ultimate Paris Trip

Paris, the capital city of France, has a lot to offer for those who are going for the first time. The incredible culinary adventures, architecture and art museums, the long-lost walks, and the spectacular sightseeing will leave you in awe!

Here are some glimpses that you can do during a four-day visit to the city of Paris.

  • Hop onto the sightseeing buses and adapt to the natural surroundings to push yourself and start exploring the city. The city has many buses offering tours along various routes. Buy a guidebook, a coffee, and croissants to see this city's beauty. Paris is known for its sidewalk cafes. Seek an outdoor table at a restaurant and watch the local people bustling in their daily routine. Popular sites include Café de la Paix at the InterContinental Paris-Le Grand and Les Deux Magots and Cafe de Flore. Make sure to keep euros with you; everyone will not accept cards if you want a cup of coffee or croissant. 

  • Go for an evening cruise in the Seine for a romantic evening. Book a delicious dinner on the cruise, which includes drinks and musical entertainment. Tourists can watch the city lit up with lights all around. One can cruise during the daytime too.

There are many gorgeous historical buildings. If you love architecture, take a walk by the Palais Garnier. Napoleon III ordered its construction, which took place between 1861 and 1875. Explore the grandeur of the Grand Foyer, Grand Staircase, and the incredible statues by Gumery perched on the top of the building.

  • Visit the Eiffel Tower and explore the ground floor Esplanade. There is a sculpture of Gustave Eiffel and the 1899 hydraulic machines that operate the elevators. The first floor of the Tower has a glass floor, from the second floor you can view the city and its magnificent landmarks. Dine at The Jules Verne Restaurant and enjoy the top for breathtaking views.

Louver is the most famous art museum and gallery; this museum is located in a royal fort called the Louver. This exotic museum is divided into sections like Egyptian antiquities, oriental antiquities, Islamic art, Greek and Roman art, objects of art, and sculptures of the medieval period. Some are worth seeing, such as Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa, Winged Victory of Samothrace, Michelangelo's Dying Slave, Lamassus, and Great Sphinx of Tanis. These will be great to add to our memoirs book.

  • The Arc de Triomphe, at the west end of the Champs-Elysees, is one of the magnificent monuments in the city. It is a remembrance of those who lost their lives in the French Revolution and the Battles fought by Napoleon.

French cuisine is famous; you can look for gourmet shops, bakeries, patisseries, cafes, and restaurants. Walk around the markets and rejoice and relish the sweet smell of samples of baguettes, croissants, pastries, cheese, charcuterie, and chocolates.

Final Wrap

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