Four Best Street Food Junctions in London

Four Best Street Food Junctions in London

London is a city of world-class cuisine and street food. Heathrow to Hackney, Borough to Brixton, it is a capital city of landmarks of age-old traditions and innovations. Street food junctions are the best for food enthusiasts who love the open-air, beautiful ambiance, and affordable food. For brunch, dinner, and nightlife, various street food markets in London will satisfy your taste buds. Just take a stroll from your holiday home in London and discover what the London streets have to offer!

Do You Have A Grand Appetite?

London is known for its wide variety of foods; there are some best food junctions to relish street food for people visiting London for the first time. Knowing where you can find the varieties in this city is essential. The city offers some original delicacies for hungry souls with their yummy scrumptious street food. Here are some of the best ideas which will help the travellers navigate the city better and enjoy the great food. 

You can start your morning with an English Breakfast which is a traditional meal in England with bacon, sausages, eggs, hash browns, baked beans, tomatoes, and mushrooms, all served together on a big plate. Next, one can try out the appetising Sunday roast, which consists of meat slices, roast vegetables, Yorkshire puddings, and gravy.

Street Food Are Hard To Resist

Laffa, a joint serving Middle Eastern cuisines, is known for wrapped food. Laffa serves flavoured meats, sauces, and salads. In addition, you can try their delicious stuffed pitas and hummus bowls. Laffa serves food inspired by the beautiful countries of Israel, Palestine, and Lebanon. You will be mesmerised by the smoky charcoal grills, spices, and fresh herbs that make the combo of grilled marinated meats, salads, and aubergine all bundled up in a hot laffa. The laffa will surely take the travellers to the streets of Lebanon and Beirut.  

Borough Market Kitchen is a mixed element of the food court and street food joint. Takeaway stalls are dotted around the Kitchen, where you can perch at a counter. Hainanese chicken from Mei Mei and the kubba dumplings from Juma Kitchen are some you can try. On the way to exploring the city, grab excellent sub sandwiches from Sub Cult and mouth-watering steak from The Beefsteaks. If you have a sweet tooth, try some waffle-meets-doughnut at Dhan Waffle. 

Market Halls is another destination to savour rich foods. There are three halls, each has about 8 to 11 traders who cook exquisite cuisines. Victoria and Fulham are the nearest stations, while West End is just seconds away from the shopping street. The Victoria hall has a great rooftop terrace that will give your day an incredible experience of watching the daily hustle-bustle of daily commuters of London. One can check out the authentic Indian food from Gopal's Corner from Roti Chai, The Katsu Sandos at Yatai, and Reuben sandwiches from Monty's Deli.

Mercato Metropolitano is an Italian food court with a mix of street traders, shopping, and bars. This is the best-looking food hall in London focussing on Italian food and drink. Further, you will find a raw bar for sushi, steamed dumplings, and much more for your hungry appetite. The Italian Steak House houses a wine bar, which is a cellar. The place will make you feel out of the world. 

Exploring London With Patisserie!  

Bakeries: London has some of the best bakeries that speak their language. It creates loaves of bread, pastries, sweets, and savouries to make our morning bright. Enjoy the sweetness with a nice cuppa. Flor, in Spa Terminus, is one of the bakeries which turns grains into darker and rich croissants with caramelised hue. Hedone Bakery and Dalston's Ararat Bread are some who produce the finest, palatable flatbread.  

An Evening In A Pub

Wine Bars: There are some places to start with, like Clapton's P. Franco, which serves the best wines. Older places include 40 Maltby Street, Winemakers Club, Diogenes the Dog, Noble Rot Soho, and Hector's are noteworthy. You can experience London's best nightlife at the Harp. With food and music, you can get oysters and side dishes. 

If you love coffee, starting the morning with a silky brew, rich espresso of the finest quality is easy. Prufrock Coffee is one of the best cafes, while Kiss the Hippo in Richmond, Kaffeine in Fitzrovia, and Rosslyn in the City are some places for a great brew of a cuppa.

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