Know The 3 Facts About Corporate Renting in Dublin

Finding housing properties in Ireland is pretty competitive, and when you are planning to stay in the heart of Dublin city, getting accommodation sorted can be much more challenging. Dublin is situated on the country's east coast and is famous for its affluent history, rich culture & breathtaking view. Whether a family vacation or a corporate trip, Dublin is a place to explore!  Why not spend an extended time in the city while admiring its marvels!
The down turn is Dublin is fairly pricey, and the hotels are costly, so renting a hotel room will put tremendous pressure on your bank balance. But the good news is that being a hub of business & commerce, there is a growing demand from business executives & IT persons for quality yet affordable temporary residential facilities in the city that provides all the homely comforts. That is why the popularity of Corporate Apartment Rentals in Dublin is rising gradually.
Every year a vast stream of young officials and senior business persons visit Dublin City for business commitments, and the companies take reasonable care while providing them with a place to stay. Therefore, companies and individuals search for luxurious, premium apartments with all the necessary day-to-day facilities. The long term serviced apartments in Dublin are well furnished, tasteful and located in the best neighbourhoods.
What Is Corporate Renting?
It is pretty different from the usual holiday homes. Corporate rentals provide furnished apartments to business travellers. This housing generally offers rent from a timeframe of 30 days to a year. Corporate renting properties are typically located in posh residential neighbourhoods and are well furnished apartments, properly managed and ensure the top safety & security.
Unlike vacation rentals, corporate rental apartments are more professional and provide 24-hour management.
These apartments provide the following general features to attract high-end corporate clients.
Spacious Rooms
Big airy rooms that are spacious yet cosy always attract positive vibes. A lot of business personnel come in with their family for an extended staycation in Dublin. It is more or like a mix of professional stay as well as a family vacation. Most of the corporate apartment rentals in Dublin offer spacious bedrooms and living rooms so that the guests stay comfortable and at ease.
Co-working & meeting
Since the pandemic, most people have been forced to work remotely and working from home has become the new culture. Therefore, bachelors staying together in the same rented apartment need personal working space or private meeting rooms. Corporate rentals are also offering these facilities for young workers to work & live together in peace and harmony.
Multifunctional kitchen
Kitchen space is another essential element of a long stay rental home. After all, you need home comfort food. Store bought meals can be expensive and not-so-healthy for long. Whether you are staging alone or with co-workers, or even with families, a well-equipped kitchen is an integral part. Rental apartments for corporates offer fully functional biotech cook rooms with all the necessary equipment for a luxurious living. You can cook on your own and at any time just like you do at your home.
Private Wifi Connectivity
Wifi connectivity is another vital need of today's staycation. Executives need to remain active on their work systems 24*7 as per the company's demand. This is the first facility they look for, and the major corporate renting facility in Dublin provides a private wifi connection for the seamless connectivity.
Long stay discounts
Another essential feature of corporate renting is that it gives significant discounts for long stays. Big corporations have tie-ups with holiday homes providers and corporate renting teams so that they can get affordable yet fair staying facilities in Dublin for their employees.
Easy To Commute Daily
The corporate rentals are generally located in posh neighbourhoods, where you can get every amenities locally. These areas consist of good families, parks, greeneries, stores, markets & entertainment zones. Therefore whether you are staying alone or with family, you can enjoy the neighbourhood and environment.
Furthermore, corporate rentals are available within the city's heart, from where the daily commute is super easy and comfortable.
24*7 Management
Corporate Rental properties are specially curated for working professionals, and that is why they maintain extreme professionalism by providing  24*7 management. There is continuous assistance from a seasoned agent team, right  from the day of your arrival till the day you depart. In case of any crisis or emergency, you can completely depend on the service provider for quick solutions.
What Are The Three Key Facts About Corporate Rental?
Corporate Rental is becoming quite popular globally, and in the last ten years, the city of Dublin has observed a vast growth in corporate properties. If you are new to corporate renting or are shifting to Dublin for a 3-6 months project, then know these three important facts.
●      It Is Not Like The Regular Holiday Renting
Corporate Renting is very much different from holiday renting. While staying in a corporate rental apartment, you will enjoy all the premium & luxurious amenities that a high-end housing complex provides. Corporate rental flats are ready to move in with all the necessary facilities that you want at your home. Every company wants to take good care of their employees and this is the reason they turn to Especial Rentals for exclusive corporate apartments in Dublin.
●      Get A Blend Of Living Apartment Plus Official Space
In Dublin, corporate apartment rentals reflect the perfect mix of official and personal space. Although, the apartment is primarily focused on offering you the professional amenities that a corporate office provides yet it has a homely touch!
●      High Security Rentals
Corporate apartment rentals in Dublin provide utmost security as each apartment is equipped with hi-tech security facilities like CCTV, intercoms, alarms etc. You can get assistance from the security personnel 24x7. Therefore those who move in with families get the ultimate peace of mind while renting corporate housing. All your official setup, documents, systems are kept safe in the corporate rentals.
Final Takeaway
Hope this article helped you to understand the entire system of corporate renting. You can get various deals at the official website of Especial Rentals while booking corporate housing in Dublin. For any assistance, connect with us now!



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