We offer perfect vacation rental apartments to travelers. On the other hand, we help vacation homeowners enjoy the monetary perks of their property by listing their homes on our platform. As a result, their rental income multiplies, and the travelers on the other side get a home away from home!

We are the medium that connects travelers with the best properties and vice-versa. Moreover, we do all the management work and address the challenges the host or the guest might face. As we take care of all the technical parts, the traveler can actually focus on exploring the place and enjoying their holiday to the fullest.

We bring technology and analysis into use to provide apt rental arrangements and packages to customers. Additionally, we stay put with the changing business trends and rapidly evolving global travel market. Using all the observations and factual information, we develop well-researched and practical offerings for travelers, meeting their requirements perfectly well.

Additionally, our vision is to help vacation rental owners with a platform that allows them to maximize their return on investment (ROI) and generate higher revenues. They only have to get listed with us, and we take care of the rest.

Online Vacation Rental Management

Technology has changed the way businesses work. In the vacation rental management domain also, it has its fair share to play! People prefer booking their accommodation before reaching their destination so they can travel peacefully and have a place to go right after they land. Moreover, other things, like account management, guest communication, price management, and marketing, are also possible through various online platforms.

We help our clients with all this, increasing their sales and revenue. We list them on the leading platforms and manage their accounts by responding to guest queries before, during, and after the stay.

Our USP:

  • Transparent management
  • Online and offline marketing of properties and bearing all the cost
  • Listing the properties with a wow factor on our website and all other popular booking sites
  • Online and Offline Payment Processing
  • Advance payments for all the reservations
  • Receiving the reservation deposit
  • We will cover all booking losses for you
  • Submitting to you all the information you need to welcome the guests
  • Attend all the guest queries and manage disputes
  • Dynamic and On-Demand Pricing changes
  • Procurement of Trained Hospitality Staff
  • Guest screening and coverage
  • Our 24/7 sales team promptly responds to all your vacation rental inquiries to drive bookings.

Full Vacation Rental Management

We help our clients with everything from scratch. We manage everything, from onboarding a property on various online portals to its management and taking care of the guests. Be it updating the rental prices, hassle-free check-ins, laundry, housekeeping, infrastructural maintenance, or anything else, our team provides a complete 360-degree solution. The house owners can hand over their property to us to rest assured that any guest visiting their property will leave with good reviews.

Our USP:

  • Vacation Rental Manager
  • Transparent management
  • Finding Guests
  • Online and Offline Booking management
  • Handle all inquiries, consultations, and bookings to help the guests enjoy a stress-free holiday
  • Custom Copywriting
  • Drafting terms and conditions of the rental
  • Receiving the reservation deposit
  • In-Person Meet and Greet Service
  • Dedicated local teams
  • A local property manager to look after the home, conducting regular inspections and maintenance
  • Managing the housekeeping work
  • Managing the check-out cleaning
  • Handling potential issues (plumbing, internet, and likewise)
  • Free Professional Photography to showcase the property highlights on the listing platform
  • Check-in and Check-Out
  • Delivering the keys
  • Sales Team working 24x7 to answer all the rental inquiries.

With an experience of over a decade, vacation rental management has become more like a passion for all of us at Especial Rentals. We understand the industry well and can efficiently handle online and offline business practices.

It is our dedication towards the domain that countless vacation homeowners have collaborated with us, and we have responded to their trust with a 2x revenue growth. If you also have a property to put as a vacation rental, Especial Rentals is definitely the platform for you.

  • No management fee, No minimum term, No Contract, No Surprise
  • We do not force our owners to list their properties with us exclusively. They are free to make multiple listings
  • Your revenue will increase over time as we have a huge customer base
  • Upfront rental payments for selective properties
  • We cover booking losses for our clients
  • We provide flexibility in our services. So, you can decide whether you want a little help or wish to hand over the property to us
  • Your apartment stays available when you need it for yourself, family, or friends
  • We manage our website and databases in-house and work tirelessly to keep up with the latest technology and SEO requirements. So, you can expect excellent SERP ranking and promising Google ratings
  • Dynamic Pricing, our price algorithm enables your ad to generate more income.
  • We thoroughly screen every guest to ensure only the most reputable people stay in your home
  • In-Person Meet and Greet Service, our concierges are always there to help with check-ins, hand over the keys, and give them tips on the local area!
  • Professional cleaning service of four-star hotel standard
  • Professional management will make you a Super Host in no time, a real boost to your rental income!

Our friendly and efficient team is available for you and our customers seven days a week. It means that we can answer inquiries on your behalf immediately and advise you of bookings as soon as they are received.

We understand that demands keep changing. So, we prioritize sustainability over everything else and keep changing interiors or prices to give an exceptional experience to the guests. Our team focuses on building personal connections and providing quality service.

When you partner with us, your property gets managed with professionalism, passion, and care. As a result, you can trust us with your investment and rest assured that your property is in good hands.

We are here for your guests and you! For a no-obligation talk on how we may best serve you and your vacation home, please fill out the contact form.