5 Things to Do at A Staycation in Paris

Paris, the capital of France and one of the most enigmatic & historic cities globally, is called by many names. Some find it lovable and like to call it “the city of love,” while others get seduced by its charm & well-lighted streets and address it as “the city of lights.” But, whatever you call it, Paris can offer more than you can imagine. From gleaming streets, beautiful sidewalk cafes, incredible monuments, mesmerizing museums, highly fashionable boutiques, and the famous Eiffel Tower, Paris will surely make you crazy. Paris offers everything to all. 

Whether you are an art lover, history addict, or a robust fashionista, you can find your love interest in Paris. So if you are planning to visit Paris, then we recommend you plan a long vacation to explore the city's charm. But visiting Paris for the first time for a long holiday can take a toll on your pocket as the fancy hotels & luxe motels can cost you a lot and ultimately you will be unable to enjoy the rest of the city. Therefore it is suggested to go for Vacation rental apartments in Paris, Which will provide you with a homely atmosphere on a pocket-friendly budget.

A staycation in Paris can be the most pleasant experience if you find proper accommodation in a decent neighborhood with all the necessary amenities that a hotel provides with a touch of home atmosphere. You can get all these from Vacation rental apartments in Paris within a very affordable price range. Paris offers various holiday homes and rental apartments in various neighborhoods within different budgets, and a variety of amenities are also provided. 

You can easily browse this option online with all details from the site of Especial rentals. There are also filter options that will guide you to narrow your search as per your criteria. So, now you know where to stay in your long staycation, let's get started with the things as a first-timer you can do in Paris. As discussed, Paris can satisfy your soul by offering many things. So, let's look at some innovative things that will set you apart from an average tourist. Here we have jotted down 5 things to do in Paris that will make your staycation more worthy.

5 Engrossing Things To Do In Paris

Here we have provided 5 tips to do that will save your money and help you explore Paris like a traveler rather than a tourist.

Choose Laidback cafes & Roadside Bistros For A Meal: These small roadside cafes enhance the beauty of the city and give you a taste of authenticated french delicacies within your budget. These lounges are cozy, small & charming, and some even offer live music. So you can sit outside to view the bustling streets, gleaming lights, and busy localities to get the city vibe while listening to some rhythmic French folk music and munching french delicacies. Whereas expensive resorts might give you good food, you will miss the city vibe, which can be hard on your pocket. You can find several roadside cafes everywhere in Paris, and in most cases, you don't need to book a table. So go and enjoy a hearty evening meal without worrying about your pocket.

Visit Canal St. Martin:  Most tourists ignore canal street charm and end up at the left bank to get the bohemian ambiance. You won't be able to find any French charm as it is overcrowded with tourists and expensive restaurants and cafes. Rather head towards canal street to get the local colonized charm. The historic place was once famous for the 10th arrondissement but now has completely transformed and will give you the best city spirits. The streets are adorned with busy cafes and bustling boutiques, and more importantly, you will find the true french charm. Visit the Panama brewing company and get hold of a craft beer, and enjoy the view of the water and city from the verandah.

Shop Till You Drop: Paris is a shopping destination, and one of the important things to do in Paris is shopping. Go to places like Montmartre & Maris to do crazy and fun shopping. Paris is the land of fashionistas. You will find all kinds of fashions in the streets of Paris, from high-end boutiques to world-class street fashions. Paris can be your ultimate shopping destination. We would recommend shopping from Rue Saint Honore to enjoy the ambiance. You can find some of the best & affordable food joints and pubs while strolling through this public square. Another place that you must explore is Marche Aux Puces which will offer you hip boutiques, elegant perfumes & bags & upscale chocolate & pastry shops.

Take A stroll at Champ Elysees: Every famous city has its famous street. Like the time square of New York, Paris offers the exotic streets of Champ Elysees. Spending a holiday will be incomplete if you miss this place. Considered the most happening place in Paris, it offers everything for everyone, from shopping avenues to fast food joints and museums to pubs. That's all. We strongly recommend visiting this place whether you stay here for a long duration or short. Champ Elysees will give you a true big city vibe.

Peek at the Catacombs: If adventure is your thing and you are a fan of spooky horror shows, then “the city of love” has something stored for you underground. You guessed it right, the catacombs. Beneath the city life lies the skulls of thousands of people buried in history. It formed due to the scarcity of a proper burial ground in the early centuries. This eerie place has become one of the famous tourist destinations lately.
Hope you have got some real ideas to enjoy the most thrilling yet beautiful staycations in the city of lights. Apart from these places as mentioned above, there are many things that you can explore in the streets of Paris. Make your staycation more affordable and comfortable by choosing some best  Vacation rental apartments in Paris, and Especial Rentals can help you find your preferable stay.




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