Make Your Next Dublin Trip Memorable With These Activities

Dublin is a traveller's choice city genuinely inspired by its rich tradition and aquatic surroundings. The long walks near River Liffey reminds of the romantic evenings. There are many things to explore in the city, the one whiskey-dedicated museum, the massive antique library, and the spectacular St. Patrick's Cathedral. One can get in the Dublin spirit and have their feet move like an Irish dancer. The travellers can soak in the beautiful melody of Irish tunes and enjoy the live events featuring live music and jig performances.

Besides sightseeing around the city, there are many fun-filled activities you can enjoy yourself. 

Kitesurfing on Dollymount Strand, a 15 minutes drive to the north of the city centre is the best spot for the best kitesurfing in Europe. Dollymount strand is a long beach with suitable weather; spring and autumn are the best seasons to play with a colourful kite. You can find a beautiful mosaic of kites in the sky during these times. This beach is suitable for kitesurfers. If you love this sport, grab a kite and test your skill.

Mountain biking in Ticknock is a 30-minute cycling that one can start down at the metropolis. The place lies in the foothills of Three Rock Mountain; Ticknock offers a 13 km fantastic trail. The trails are fast and provide a beautiful view across Dublin Bay. You can find some professional guidance and some stores offering rental bikes. 

Glencullen Adventure Park is a bike park only 20 minutes from Dublin City centre. They are ideal adventure spots for children, teenagers and adults. Glencullen Adventure Park offers numerous trails and activities, all involving bike rides. There is the Dual Slalom race track, one pedal-up track and many world-class trails. They have a bike shop selling full-face helmets, protective gear, and mountain biking clothing.

Scenic roads are plentiful in Dublin. The travellers can explore the unrivalled coastlines by heading north of the city to Howth Head or south towards Bray and Greystones. A cycling ride up to the masts at Ticknock is ideal for those who love adventure. You can ride out into the Wicklow Mountains to spend some beautiful time there. They are a great way to discover new routes, meet new people and have a warm cup of coffee and cake along the route. 

Wakeboarding at Grand Canal Dock, a cable wakeboard park located in the heart of the Docklands. Those who want to hone their skills can cater on the two kickers, slider and rooftop rail. Wakedock offers sessions for individuals and groups. Indeed a beautiful experience if one is fond of adventurous sports; wakeboarding is a popular, exciting adventure, so just grab your rope tightly. If you can master the skill of a professional wakeboarder, you can perform thrilling jumps and tricks. There are various specialists who offer short courses in rock climbing and hiking. They offer half-day, one-day or two-day activities whether you are a beginner or an experienced practitioner—services like a rock climbing guiding service and rock climbing skills courses. You can take the help of a local guide who knows all the viewpoints and beauty spots and will take you to discover the sea cliffs, blankets of wildflowers and hidden beaches and explore the mesmerising beauty of coastal habitats and wildlife.

Rock climbing in Dalkey Quarry, a thirty-minute ride from the city centre, will land you in a quarry. The place offers some thrilling and adventurous rock climbing. The quarry has a variety of routes – slabs, cracks, chimneys and steep blocky overhangs. Moreover, the travellers can find the views over Dalkey town and across Dublin Bay to Howth, which are spellbound. If you are new to climbing, Dalkey Quarry has some of the best professionals who can guide you. It is one of the exciting adventures that one can jolt down in their memory book.

Hit the water and go exploring by kayak; if you are an enthusiast of white water or sea adventures, you can have it all in Dublin. Dublin has endless opportunities one can explore by kayak. In addition, one can circumnavigate the nearby islands and explore the stunning coastline. Grab your paddles and enjoy a day out in Dublin. Novice kayakers may join the local clubs to head on a Liffey adventure. The professionals can provide you with some tricky navigation qualities. The Music Under the Bridges sessions enhance the beauty of the atmosphere of the river. You can find many adventure activities on the River Liffey during the day and in the evenings.

The electric bike is the future of a green planet, and they are the best way to explore Dublin city and its neighbourhood. One can easily rent an E-bike and explore the routes. For example, you can visit Dublin's magnificent Phoenix Park, a three-and-a-half-hour pedal out the Southern Coastal route through Irishtown. So if Ireland is there on your mind do not forget to connect with Especial Rentals for the best holiday homes in Dublin


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