Be A Part Of the Bastille Day Parade and Fireworks

A Celebration of the Spirit of Independence! Who wants to be a part of this important day? If you are planning to visit Paris this summer, you should go there during the Bastille event. It is a day you can be a spectator of the Parade and the incredible fireworks at the Eiffel Tower. 

Bastille Day is celebrated in Paris and throughout France. It is a French National holiday. Military Parade, fireworks, and many other events are organized on this day. Bastille Day will be celebrated on Thursday, July 14, 2022, this  year.

What Is Unique About The Bastille Day Parade? 

Bastille Day is celebrated as a dual celebration of the Fete de la Federation and the marching into the Bastille prison. It is a national holiday celebrated with annual military parades, free concerts, and a late-night firework show.

Bastille Day is not a national holiday but a commemoration of the spirit of independence of the people. Every person celebrates on their own; a torchlight parade starts on the evening of the 13th of July. The next morning, church bells or gun salutes mark the military Parade. The day is packed with gala gourmet lunches on cruises, games, dance, and fireworks.

Some Historical Facts

A medieval fortress, the Bastille in Paris, is a massive stone building later used as the holding cell of political prisoners. The tyranny of the royal family and growing discontent against the Bourbon monarchy were catalysts for the rise of a revolution. The prison had large stores of gunpowder. 

On July 14, 1789, a mob stormed the jail and demanded ammunition from the Bastille fortress. The royal guards resisted, and a fight began between the parties. Eventually, the angry crowd captured the prison and freed the seven prisoners who were held there at the prison. This event marked the beginning of the French Revolution and ended the régime of the French monarchy.

Celebrating The Grand Day

This is where you want to be on the evening of Bastille Day. You can board the specially-designed, glass-walled Bateaux on the banks of the Seine and spend hours having a French dinner with champagne and live music.

Another way to celebrate Bastille Day is a gourmet lunchtime cruise. The cruise will pass by the historical landmarks of the French Revolution. This lunch cruise is very popular and unique.

What A Colorful And Vibrant Show It Is!

The fireworks are set off behind the Eiffel Tower. The Bastille Day fireworks start at 11 pm in the late evenings, when the sky is dark enough to watch the dazzling bright sparks and colorful shapes. A musical procession occurs in front of the Eiffel Tower along Champ de Mars. There are free open-air concerts featuring classical and opera performances.

Most people come here for a picnic on the green, well-maintained lawns. You can choose the viewing spot to watch these spectacular fireworks depending upon the crowd size, accessibility, and budget. Here are some of the places where the view is splendid:

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    It is the best viewing spot from the sprawling lawns of Champ de Mars. The fireworks start just behind the tower. There are open-air live concerts for a musical experience.

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    Cruising down the Seine river gives you the advantage of viewing the beautiful bridges in Paris.

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    You can watch the firework display from the nearby bridge, the Pont Alexandre III, Bir Hakeim, Pont de la Concorde, and more. They do not face the tower front, but you can view the iron lady and the lit-up bright sky.

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    From the Pont De L’Alma, one of the few Parisian bridges with an Eiffel Tower view. You can watch the fireworks in the sky and the glimmering water.

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    The Boulevard Pasteur is an elevated road near Montparnasse from where the Eiffel Tower is visible and accessible. The condo blocks and tree-lined pavement gives a marvelous view of the boulevard in the sparkling lights.


Visiting Paris

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