Apartments for rent in Dublin and the 5-hour walking tour

Apartments for rent in Dublin exist in abundance. Do you know why? According to the Irish Tourism Industry Confederation (ITIC), 7 million international tourists visited Ireland and, of course, its heart in 2022. Hence, alongside the demand, supplies are also gearing up!

It’s a known fact that Dublin is slowly becoming the hotspot for writers, artists, intellectuals, and history buffs. And why not? It is a city steeped in culture and history, so much so that every turn and alley holds some significance.

In a situation like this, if you want to visit Ireland’s capital, start planning now. Who knows when your preferred dates for accommodations, restaurants, and activities stop being available? But hey, you do not have to make that choice alone!

In this blog, we bring you a detailed guide about Ireland’s capital and its attraction points. The cherry on the cake is some suggestions about finding a suitable serviced apartment in Dublin for renting.

What you shouldn’t miss in Dublin?

(Nearly!) All of Dublin in 5 Hours (Walking Tour)

Did you know Dublin hosts a walking tour where you can see most of the city in JUST 5 HOURS!!

Have you got less time and want to soak in as much of the city as possible? Take 5 hours and be on your way to one of your life's most exciting and healthy (quite literally) experiences. It involves the best sights of Ireland’s capital and a tour guide with a minimum experience of 1 year.

What should you know before booking?

Duration of the tour: 5 Hours

Start Time: Check here

Language of the tour guide: English

  • The tour is customizable. In other words, the guide will tweak the itinerary based on your preferred sites.

  • With regular breaks for coffee/tea/snacks, you will also learn about the 2,000-year-old Irish history. Remember, Ireland is a land of myths and legends!

  • The city is quite compact for those worrying about it being a long walk. So you won’t be walking at a very long stretch.

  • You can personalize your tour and keep it limited to the people you are comfortable with.

Itinerary for the tour (Just to give you an idea):

  • Dublin Castle: This iconic castle proves that change is inevitable. From its birth in 1202 to 1922, it was under British Rule and symbolized oppression and violence. The meaning shifted from pain to happiness when Irishmen took over the site in 1922.

  • From important announcements to the inauguration of the Irish president, the castle has been a loyal spectator to the Irish culture since then. With open grounds, a wonderful neighborhood, and a rich history, Dublin Castle is a must-visit for all those traveling to Ireland for the first time.

  • Christchurch Cathedral: From a pub, distillery, and brothel, borne a Church! Amazing, isn’t it? Visit this 12th-century marvel for its neo-gothic architecture and mind-numbing history. And if you like going to church every day, feel free to rent a Dublin vacation apartment.

  • Trinity College: Oscar Wilde, Jonathan Swift, Bram Stoker, and Samuel Beckett went to Trinity College. So should you! If not to study, then to visit the place that gave the world these literary giants!

  • City Hall: Witness the wealth of Dublin reflect in this 18th-century architectural marvel!

  • The Ha’Penny Bridge: Built over a river, the bridge is a gateway to the famous Temple Bar!

  • General Post Office (G.P.O.): One of the most underrated sites in Dublin, this place stays in the heart of all the Irish people. The Declaration of Irish Independence was read here. Visit this emblem of honesty, courage, and nationalism to travel back in time. It will tell you what independence meant to Ireland and its cost!

  • Daniel O’Connell Statue: Why Daniel O’Connell was nick-named ‘the liberator’ by the Irish people? On this walking tour, you will learn about this man's brilliance and relationship to the country’s rich history! Did you know? The main street of Dublin is named after him!

  • Old Parliament Building: Now known as the ‘The Bank of Ireland building,’ this architectural marvel inspired the British Museum in London. This building sings a tale of Irish patriotism, and you should not miss it.

  • Leinster House: If you see this today and then the White House, you might be able to point out some similarities. This Irish building, home to the dukes back in the day and now the parliament, also became an inspiration for the American government. Dublin does house many marvelous structures!

  • Georgian Dublin: A beautiful mixture of symmetry, elegance, and restraint; visit this place to see how and why Dublin is architecturally older than London!

  • Grafton Street: Witness one of the last bastions of Old Dublin. From flower ladies and street musicians to one of the oldest and biggest cafes in Ireland, Bewleys Café, you will experience it all.

  • Saint Stephen’s Green: Bless your eyes by stumbling upon Irish people sunbathing here (this got you excited, no?), and walk through this green gift gifted to Dublin in 1880 by a member of the Guinness family.

  • Wolfe Tone Statue: What gives the Irish people strength to stand against oppression today? Wolfe Tone Statue! How and why? Visit this majestic site and learn from the natives!

  • Northern Ireland: Close to ending the All of Dublin in 5 Hours tour, here, you will take a break and discuss the possibility of witnessing a united Ireland in this lifetime. Sounds like a dream?

  • The Irish Language: Going to a pub is almost an unsaid rule in Ireland, especially when looking around the city. with an Irish guide. At last, you will say goodbye to the tour by learning to say cheers. And who knows? If you will have time, you might get to practice it in a real pub, too!

While this itinerary can be customized per your choices, the idea behind this ‘All of Dublin in 5 Hours’ walking tour is to help tourists save time and experience the most of Dublin. Would you consider giving this a shot?

As promised, here are some tips on choosing a suitable vacation rental in the capital city.

How can you choose the perfect apartments for rent in Dublin?

Here are some questions you can ask yourself when choosing Dublin City holiday apartments for your vacation! Feel free to use this list as a checklist.

  • Whether I want to live close to the scenic sites or a little away from the city?

  • Should I rent a car, or do I need a vacation rental closer to the public transport?

  • What is my budget for renting the accommodation?

  • Do I want to cook for myself or dine out on all vacation days?

  • Will a fully-stacked kitchen allowing me to make coffee or anything else, whenever I want, add to my vacation or increase the workload?

  • Do I need Wi-Fi and air conditioning in my vacation rental?

  • Would I require a caretaker (they do not live on the property but are available at your convenience), or do I want to pick a property without one?

  • Should the holiday apartment come with a balcony or a garden? Or both?

  • Do I desire laundry facilities in my serviced apartment?

  • How many bedrooms do I want, and will a common dining area with a terrace be a good fit?

  • Most importantly - What are people on the internet saying about the property I like?

Dublin is a compact city, and this All of Dublin in 5 Hours tour proves that you only need a day or two in the capital of Ireland. Especially for short-stay apartments, Dublin’s vacation rental can be your go-to option.

Since you will spend most of your time walking and in the company of people, coming home to a comfortable bedroom that screams home away from home can really help you unwind. And save you a ton of money!


Are there apartments to rent in Dublin for one night?

You can find short-stay apartments in Dublin, even if the duration of your stay is one night. If you need references for the kind of apartments available in Dublin, you can visit Especial Rentals for a catalog. Our team can help you find the one closest to your preferred location in the city.

Can Dublin vacation rentals have cameras?

No! Especial Rentals runs a thorough safety check on every property it acquires. Any cameras near the serviced apartments in Dublin or elsewhere will only be present for security purposes at your vacation rental’s entrance, not inside. We have strict policies against hidden cameras, and our motto is to protect your privacy at all costs.

Should I choose a Dublin City holiday apartment or hotel?

Several factors decide whether you should stay in a hotel or an apartment. However, the major deciding factor is whether you want to explore the city/country as a local or a tourist. To experience the culture in its authentic form, choose Dublin vacation rentals. But pick hotels if you don’t want to feel like you are still living in a home while on vacation!


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