Explore America On a Budget With New York Holiday Rentals

One of the most loved cities, New York, is on everyone’s list to visit. It is rich in both culture and history. Be it their Times Square, the infamous FRIENDS locations, or the popular spots seen in so many films around the world. However, the place is also famous for its expenses, So how can you manage it? Let’s start with accommodation and explore the benefits of New York Holiday Rentals.

New York is more than its famous landmarks and iconic attractions. There lie lesser-known neighborhoods and their charming and distinct personalities away from the hustle and bustle that the world knows of. Living in New York vacation apartments brings the city to life for tourists in a completely different way. Their location ranges from the vibrant streets of the Midtown to the iconic brownstones of the Upper West Side, offering visitors the opportunity to indulge in American life as insiders rather than outsiders.

To many, the city, is an enigma that cannot be solved until the tourists start thinking of themselves as locals. You might be able to see the quiet side of New York if you step out for a run really early in the morning. It will also open its door then to the affordable markets. Thrifting instead of splurging on shopping feels exactly like winning in a bargaining battle with your local vendors back home. The beating heart of Manhattan follows a rhythm of its own, filled with diverse sounds, sights, and sensations that captivate your entire being. So, let’s find out how to enjoy the place without burning a hole in our pockets!

In this blog, we will explore the various benefits of choosing New York holiday rentals for your trip to the heart of Manhattan and why that is an ideal choice. Also, keep reading to know how a city that is so expensive to survive can have you experience its glory without money becoming a cause for worry. We’ve got some awesome tips and tricks for you!

How Can You Save Money With New York Vacation Apartments?

From exploring the diversity in America to forming genuine connections, tourists can do it all if they choose suitable accommodation. Did you know that when you live among locals, you also taste authentic recipes and learn about the culture that the books might not tell you? That is because the process makes you street-smart.

Companies like Airbnb and Especial Rentals often list New York holiday apartments available for rent, ensuring the complete safety of a foreign traveler to an unknown territory; the catch is that one should only book from sites like these and save themselves from any hassle that might occur due to the legal issues. But why should you opt for them?

Space and comfort are necessary when considering your home in another city, irrespective of the duration. Vacation rentals are fully equipped apartments that promise you the best of both worlds: you live in a fully furnished home and can use all the amenities. From comfortable bedrooms and clean washrooms to a common dining area, these spaces have got it all.

But the most comforting of all is the kitchen, especially for vegetarians. You can sigh in relief because we know the dreadful feeling of staring at the menu and trying to find that one dish that fits the bill, does not have meat, and is appealing to you. It’s hard to find all three qualities in one, isn’t it?

Kitchens in the New York vacation apartments are completely stacked for your use. Basic requirements like tea cups and coasters, dining sets, cooking utensils, stove/ induction, and sometimes even a chimney are installed to enable a comforting stay for you. Especial Rentals is one such place to access these properties and make your stay in New York easier on your pocket and body.

Another catch of living like this is staying close to the locals. You will be able to experience the city like a resident too, with the help of one. Living in these holiday apartments in New York will unlock an entirely different experience for you, filled with genuine dining places, cultural exchanges, and a sneak peek into the American dream.

Some bonus tips for you to save money on your trip to the Big Apple:

  • Instead of ordering food in, go and get them. The delivery service charges are pretty high, which you can easily save.

  • Take public transport instead of private cabs. Anyway, if you go to New York and don’t explore the buses and the subway, you will miss out on the local experience.

  • The parties are much wilder and cheaper in the East Village and Harlem. Safe too!

  • When you feel like eating out, choose either breakfast or lunch. Dinners are always more expensive.

  • Happy Hours is when you should bring out your party animal.

  • Did you know the museums have days where the fee is ‘pay what you wish’?

  • TKTS booth in Times Square will get you Broadway tickets for half the price.

These are some of the ways in which you can explore New York without splurging over the limit. The heart of Manhattan drives on a rhythm of its own, and it won’t hurt you to immerse yourself in it when you visit. And as you plan to embark on a journey to this beautiful space, we are here to help you choose where to live, keeping your safety and comfort in mind.


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