Planning to Attend Paris Fashion Week? Here Are Top Recommendations for Holiday Homes

Paris Fashion Week is one of the most significant fashion events of the year, and fashion enthusiasts worldwide come forward to attend it. So, if you are a fashionista who loves to keep yourself in trend, then this fashion week is a must-visit for you. A fashion event is a great way to feel inspired and meet new people. Paris Fashion Week does need no introduction as it is one of the most renowned events in the fashion industry. Started in 1973, Paris Fashion Week has created a history in the world of fashion with its innovation and creativity and mesmerizing glamor.

Held in the city of love, Paris itself is the birthplace of style and culture. The beautiful town is not only famous for its rich cultural heritage and history; rather, it is also known for its Extravagant glitz and glamor. Fashion trends are set to start in Paris and spread throughout the world. Most of the renowned designer wear, jewelry, and accessories are from Paris and are ruling the world lately. Even the street markets are oozing with trends and glamor. The Parisians are highly creative, romantic, and fashion-conscious. That is why Paris is considered the center of art, culture, and fashion in Europe and the entire world. So, attending the Paris Fashion Week is a dream that we all have secretly.

Paris Fashion Week- The Hub Of Elegance

Paris Fashion Week is the biggest hub of street-style fashion. Most ready-to-wear garments flaunt the most incredible street style of all ages. From models to VIP guests, all are seen to exhibit and admire the rich street style. And the best part is street style is not only famous among the fashion experts, and everybody can adapt and flaunt it as it is easy, fun, vibrant, and incredibly stylish.

Another reason to attend Paris Fashion Week is to nurture your photography skills. We all know that fashion and photography are the two sides of a coin, so if you are interested in fashion photography, Paris Fashion Week can be your ultimate destination to flaunt your photography skills. The stunning and vibrant photographs of high-profile models doing the ramp walk are the dream of every wannabe photographer. Take some gorgeous snaps to flaunt your photography skill on social media; one of your clicks might get viral.

But besides faulting the latest trends and fashion, Paris Fashion Week is famous for demonstrating its views towards any burning social cause in the most creative way possible. As it is one of the biggest platforms to showcase your creativity & talent, designers and models use this platform to voice up their distress against some severe social evils like human trafficking or child abuse. 

These are all the reasons behind the widespread popularity of the Paris Fashion Week. And if you are planning to attend it this year, then it will be the ideal time to prepare your travel checklist.

Explore Paris Along With Attending The Fashion Week

Furthermore, while attending the fashion event, you can add up your travel experience by roaming and staying in the city like a local. Traveling can be more fun if you blend yourself with local culture, local food habits, and local people. Holiday homes are the best place to explore Paris as a local. Here we have jotted down a few reasons why choose a vacation rental in Paris if you are coming to attend the Grand Paris Fashion Week.

It’s Easily Available 

Paris is famous for its fashion events and is also considered one of the major tourist destinations. Furthermore, during Fashion week, almost all the hotels are overcrowded with people coming from worldwide. So, finding a suitable hotel for you to stay in during the entire week is very difficult. Either you need to book it along the back or if it is difficult. But holiday homes are widely available throughout Paris, and Especial Rentals can give you some of the best deals on rental holiday homes in Paris.

Highly Affordable

It's not unknown to any of us that Paris is a costly city and the major expense of your travel is because of the accommodation. Most of the Paris hotels are overpriced. Therefore, holiday homes in Paris are gaining much popularity among travel enthusiasts. Furthermore, due to the Paris Fashion Week, the availability and affordability of hotel rooms both decreased. At the same time, holiday homes will offer all the essential amenities at half of the hotel price.

Live At Your Own Pace

Holiday homes will give you the opportunity  to live at your own pace. Most holiday homes have a kitchen facility where you can cook your own food by bringing your own groceries. Therefore it also helps you explore the local market, speak with the local community and taste local foods. So, living like a local while attending the Paris Fashion Week can be one of the most adventurous experiences that you can get. 

Explore Local Bars and Cafes

While staying at a holiday home in Paris, you can easily explore the local places. Paris has some of the best neighborhoods which offer the best restaurants and cafes. These roadside cafes have their own charm. Not all are regarded as famous tourist spots, but you can explore the city vibe while sipping a cup of hot cappuccino and listening to local music. And during Paris fashion week, all major restaurants and bars will be crowded with tourists and outsiders, and to get the authentic charm, we always insist on an unnamed local cafe or bar to mingle with the locals.

At Especial Rentals, you can find extraordinary deals to find the best holiday homes in Paris. With our advanced search and filter options you can easily find suitable locality and preferred amenities within your budget. You can select your holiday homes at any part of the city or even the countryside to stay away from the chaos. For any queries, you can drop a mail or can call us. We will give you continuous assistance.



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