Some Unique Facilities You Get at Corporate Apartment Rentals Dublin

Corporate rental housing is getting more popular among the masses these days. Travelling for an extended period has become quite common in the corporate industry. On the other hand, the cost of staying in a hotel is on the rise at an alarming rate. People working in the domain (like business analysts, sales personnel, IT executives, or marketing managers) need to travel worldwide for professional trips.

In earlier days staying at a hotel was the only option available, but these days the accommodation cost is getting higher, and you will not get the exact place you are looking for. This leads to an attention drift towards corporate apartment rentals in Dublin. You can rent them at half of the hotel prices along with all the modern facilities. Built specifically for the purpose, corporate rental properties are furnished apartments with all the necessary amenities. One can hire a corporate rental house for a flexible tenure as per the duration of his stay. 

The Reason For A Rise In Corporate Apartment Rentals in Dublin

Due to the fact that Dublin's hotels are among the most expensive in the world, the expense of booking a hotel room will put a significant strain on your financial resources. The good news is that because the city is a hub of business and commerce, there is a growing demand from business executives and IT personnel for quality yet affordable temporary residential facilities in the city that provide all of the homely comforts that they are accustomed to having in their own homes. This is one reason why the demand for corporate apartment rentals in Dublin is progressively on the rise. 

Some Key Elements Of A Corporate Rental

Let's look at some of the unique facilities offered by these Corporate rental properties, which makes them unique and exciting.


A corporate rental home is rigorous in providing security as it is one of the mandates and essential features of corporate policy. Sometimes, the organisation offers the price of additional security to these housing owners to give and continue protection.

Short-Term Stays

For short term extended stays in a new city or new country, corporate rental properties are the best option as they provide a comfortable stay at half of the price of hotels. 


Corporate rentals are furnished apartments where you don't need to buy anything. You will be getting all the necessary furniture and other amenities to start your stay.  Even corporate rentals can allow you to cook on your own. A well-furnished kitchen with all the cooking utilities is present there. You can do your grocery or cook your food just like you have always wanted.

Homely Ambiance

You can live at your pace at any corporate rental property just like your home. Cook your food, play your music, watch your preferred movie and live life on your terms. You can get all the necessary utilities within a corporate rental housing, and the price is generally included in the monthly rent.

Proximity To Work Areas

Corporate apartment rentals in Dublin are generally located close to the city's business areas. Therefore an employee can quickly attend the office from his location without any transport hassle. Furthermore, corporate properties also are located within the best neighbourhoods from where you can easily avail of any public transport to reach any destination.


Corporate rentals are for busy persons there in Dublin for a business or a corporate project, so it is essential to have a housekeeping facility like hotels. Corporate rentals come with housekeeping facilities which extend beyond keeping your bed and kitchen clean or changing your daily bedsheets.

Leisure and Recreational Facilities

Corporate rentals also provide leisure areas for you to relax on weekends or after a hectic day, such as

  • Gym

  • Swimming pool

  • Cafeteria

  • Community room

  • BBQ room

Besides these general features, corporate rentals also offer some unique facilities.

Business Centre

These days, many advanced corporate rental properties offer business centres where the inhabitants can meet with their clients conveniently.

Wireless Internet

All the Corporate apartment rentals in Dublin come with a strong WiFi connection. 

24*7 customer service

A corporate rental facility provides comprehensive customer services throughout the day. They take care of both the leasing complexity and daily maintenance altogether.

Luxury comfort

Luxurious facilities are also provided to these corporate rental properties; one can opt for them at higher prices.


Corporate apartment rentals in Dublin are the best option for those going for project work in Ireland for an extended period. Especial Rentals is one such place that offers plenty of great deals in finding your ideal rental apartments. Contact us for more information.




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