Staying in Apartments for Rent in Paris vs. Checking into a Hotel

Amidst the hubbub of fashion and culture, France often gives way to a debate: whether one should stay in holiday rental apartments in Paris or traditional hotels. As easy as it may sound, the choice is tough. When visiting the city of love, travelers want to spend most of their time absorbing the Parisian escapades and not constantly shift their accommodations. Let’s dive in and see which option will suit you the best.

In this bustling French capital, where every turn is a marvelous sight to the human soul, and each corner tells a story, the decision to live in vacation rentals or hotels becomes much more excruciating. What you choose will determine your quality of experience in the Parisian abode. While apartments for rent in Paris will enable you to experience a cozy, charming neighborhood of the city, a hotel will come with its own care package of luxury and sophistication.

But things are not as intimidating as they sound. Paris offers something for everyone. Contrary to the popular stereotype, the French can be quite adjusting! Parisian hospitality accommodates all kinds of travelers. Whether you crave the intimate atmosphere of a quiet apartment or the amenities of a grand hotel, it will not disappoint you. All you have to do is choose what suits you best based on the factors we have listed below!

Paris apartments for rent or luxurious hotels: What to know?

  • Living in rental apartments will offer you freedom and space to create your own schedule. At the same time, the hotel policies will require you to regulate your routine. For example, in a hotel, breakfast timings are often fixed, sometimes causing panic because nothing is served past the time slot.

  • Life in a holiday rental apartment in Paris is just like life at home, just in a different city. From sleeping to dining, every activity can be customized by you and practiced at your own pace. Most vacation rentals have a caretaker available when needed, but basic hygiene maintenance becomes your responsibility.

  • On the other hand, a hotel offers you the convenience of room service at your doorstep and, more often than not, works hard to provide you with a hassle-free stay but at a cost.

  • Renting short term apartments in Paris proves to be more economical than staying in a hotel, especially if you have larger groups. Rentals offer a fully equipped kitchen, laundry facilities, a common dining room, and personal baths. Imagine all this and the comfort of being at home!

  • If you are going to Paris for scenic experiences and have a well-planned itinerary, then hotels might be a better fit for you. Having someone to take care of your space, clean it, and prepare food on your behalf makes it easier to stay out the whole day and immerse in a relaxing feeling at night.

  • However, as someone who wants to indulge in Parisian culture and its authentic charm, you should definitely look for apartments in Paris for rent. Not only do you live among locals in residential neighborhoods, but you also experience what life would be like if you lived in Paris without uprooting your whole existence back home.

  • Sometimes, living in Paris apartments also proves to be lucky for you because scouting a city like a local rewards you with the pleasure of discovering hidden gems like local markets and neighborhood cafes, and you end up making some really cool connections.

What have we learned so far?

To summarize the whole blog in one sentence and make the choice easy for you, the distinction between living in short term rental apartments in Paris and hotels is that vacation rentals will suit you if you want to explore the life of being a local in a foreign city. And hotels will make you feel like a tourist. Which one is your pick?

If you want to opt for the rentals and have read the blog so far, take one more step and contact Especial Rentals. We work towards making travel accessible for you globally, and Paris is one such destination. From luxurious to rugged, our list of properties has it all. So let’s explore Paris like a native.

And if you are still confused, here are some factors you can consider while choosing the best accommodation for yourself in Paris:

  • Budget

  • Group Size

  • Desired services

  • Reviews of previous guests

  • Location of your stay

  • Transportation options

  • Vegetarian or Non-Vegetarian (Food Preferences)

Whether you choose rentals or hotels, the priority is to land in Paris and make memories of a lifetime. Focus on your needs and make a decision. Paris awaits you! And if you find rental properties more fitting to your desires, we await YOU!


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