Why look forward to London Apartments for Rent when on a visit?

In this blog, we discuss why you should rent an apartment in London instead of a hotel.

Are you planning to visit London for a vacation and trying to finalize a place to stay? If yes then Especial Rentals can help you find apartments for rent in London. London might not be the most expensive city you are going to travel to but it surely is not the cheapest either and as much as staying in a hotel room is the norm you can think outside the box and rent out an apartment.

Staying within budget is important on a vacation and a hotel room drains a pocket while also chewing off on your privacy for the duration of your stay which is why choosing London Apartments for rent long-term is a fresh idea to fulfill your dream destination bucket list.

Why not rent an apartment when in London?

Ask yourself when planning your trip why not look for an apartment for rent in London? When you are on a strict budget while traveling it proves to be a better option, but we will give you reasons to choose renting when in London even if you are not on a budget.


The biggest complaint when traveling and staying in a hotel is the lack of privacy. Everyone wants privacy, especially after a long day of exploring which is hard to find when in a hotel. You will hardly find people knocking on your door or ringing your doorbell when you rent an apartment. Vacation Rentals London UK provides you with the luxury of not having to worry about keeping the room organized and your things in check when you leave your room for the housekeeping staff to clean.

Spacing and Pricing

Yes, hotels are good but they are expensive as compared to the space they provide. Unless you go for big suites you will be stuck to calling a small bedroom your home while Vacation Rentals London UK provides you with an option to choose bigger spaces for the price of a small room in hotels where you can move freely. This option will give you better storage for your luggage, gadgets, and everything else while also providing you with other amenities. You will feel right at home and not even have to cramp up all your things in a corner of the room.


When you are in a serviced apartment in London it is as if you are living in the comfort of your own home. You can be relaxed and at peace in the apartment because you can live the way you are accustomed to without being under constant pressure to act a certain way. The space in the apartment is bigger than the hotel room you rent out helps when you have it all to yourself.

Cooking Meals

Food is a big factor to consider when traveling. Sure everyone wants to eat out when on vacation but it becomes a little tough when you are on a limited budget. If you are in a hotel you have no other option than to eat out but when you rent out a serviced apartment in London you can cook your meals and save costs. Even if you are not on a budget it becomes increasingly hard to have food from outside for extended periods since everyone has different eating habits so renting an apartment makes more sense.


Another big issue that arises while traveling to some place is laundry and we all know it is not cheap to get laundry services however London apartments for rent make it easier. Most of the apartments in the city provide their renters with washers and dryers which they can use. Finishing your laundry will only take a couple of hours with this service and not ruin your whole itinerary. Especial Rentals recommends you check the inclusion of this service beforehand though.

Overall, London apartments for rent long-term are a good idea not only because they fit within a budget but also because they offer you the experience of making a home in the city, no matter how temporary.


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