What to expect when looking for 1 bedroom apartments for rent in Paris?

In the blog, we guide the expectations of the reader when apartment hunting in the city of Paris.

Searching for 1 bedroom apartments for rent in Paris, France that suit your preferences can be an experience that might make you want to flee the city itself and never look back. When you plan to visit the city you come in with a list of items like the location, security, floor level, closet space, and such that the apartments for rent in Paris should check off but it becomes a tedious task to try and find the perfect apartment for yourself which is why you should check out Especial Rentals to help you out in your pursuit.

Setting Realistic Expectations when Apartment hunting in Paris

When looking for any sort of renting be it for long-term or short term rental apartments in Paris it is important to set your expectations right and know what you are getting into. The factors to take into consideration are the following:

Space of the Apartments

The space in the hearts of the people living in the city of love might be big but the living space is limited which means the apartments for rent in Paris will also be small so you can expect the average size for a bedroom apartment to be 30 to 70 m2. Another factor contributing to this is the high density of population settled in the city.

Prices of the

Paris Apartments for rent

The estimated cost of the rent in the city depends on multiple factors like a terrace, parking space, floor level of the apartment, the district of the apartment, and such but they remain pretty high as compared to other cities in the country. These costs affect even the prices of the Paris vacation rentals.

Stairs or an Elevator?

Yes, it is a factor to consider when looking at the apartments to rent in the city since many apartment buildings were built over a hundred years ago which means there is no way they were built with elevators in the building. The elevators were installed later in the buildings in tiny shafts so do not be surprised to see a tiny elevator that might not even fit all your luggage when looking for Paris apartments for rent.

Your Ability to Tolerate Noise

You know to expect a commotion when you live in the city but when you live in Paris you need to know there will be a lot of renovation noise coming your way no matter where you find your apartment. The apartments as we discussed date back over a century which means they need to be renovated frequently which means you also need to expect a lot of dust from time to time.

If you look forward to working from home when you are in the city then you need to keep this factor in mind and ensure that you get a 1 bedroom Apartments for Rent in Paris that has at least one room that faces a courtyard.

Availability of Hot Water in the Apartment Building

It is always better to ask rather than assume that your building must have hot water availability. While most buildings do have hot water available it is better to know for sure before you rent out your apartment. You can expect your building to have either an electric boiler or a hot water tank but you need to beware in case it is the latter. Even when you are looking at Paris vacation rentals make sure to know about the hot water system since a hot water tank might mean not enough hot water for long baths, loads of laundry, and a problem all around if you are accustomed to such luxury.

Safety in Paris

Now the biggest question when one visits a new city is safety. The city is more or less safe but it is a metropolitan city which means you need to still be on guard and not trust anyone blindly when living or visiting. You still need to take care of properly locking your bags, ensuring the safety of your luggage, yourself, and, when you find a short term rental apartment in Paris, your home for your stay. You can look into finding a good lock, and a caretaker for the building and the like to take proper precautions.

If you keep your expectations real and know what you are getting yourself into then with Especial Rentals finding an apartment to rent for your vacation in Paris will not be a tedious or unattainable task so smile stress-free.


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