Get A Wholesome View Of London Through The London Eye

London, the dream city of many, is a real charmer in the true sense! The city offers cosmopolitan culture along with the historic charm. It has a great significance in trade and commerce. Besides, it represents a rich culture influenced by various people from various parts of the world. You can find a variety of cuisine and fine dining restaurants, boutique cafes, lounges, bars and many more as per your interest. 

So in a word, London will give you a perfect big city vibe with lots of hustle and bustle along with a dash of tradition. Therefore if you are planning to visit London for a trip, we suggest you stay for a bit longer to explore London's true charm. But, staying longer will add up more costs and the best way to cut the cost in half is to choose holiday homes in London over fancy lodgings. Hotels in Londons are quite expensive whereas you will not get the desired homely feeling. Holiday homes London can offer you more than you can imagine. 

Besides the city's hustle and bustle, we sometimes forget the true beauty that lies deep within. And as a traveller, you must experience the hidden charm of this historical marvel. Yes, we are talking about the magnificent “London Eye”.

The Popular London Eye

The London Eye is located on the south bank of the River Thames. It is one of the tallest cantilevered wheels for observation, and unsurprisingly it is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the United Kingdom. So, while visiting London, you should take some time out from your busy schedule to witness the city through the lens of the London Eye, and we guarantee that you will fall in love with it.

Let us look at all the stunning scenic pleasure you can get from here, So check it out.

The Big Ben

Get a dramatic view of the great bell striking “ the Big Ben." It is situated north of Palace Westminster. It is an important historical structure representing London to the world. And the view from here is enigmatic. 

The Parliament

Palace Westminster is a magnificent ancient structure built 1000 years back and once considered the largest hall in England. We suggest you observe it closely to admire its British architecture.

The Buckingham Palace

It is yet another famous place in London that makes it unique yet royal with its vintage appearance and rich history. It is located in the centre of Westminster and is the UK’s administrative system. A must-visit place for your UK trip and a must see from the London Eye!

St. Paul Cathedral 

St. Paul’s Cathedral is another iconic must-visit spot you should see from the London eye to get a panoramic view of this ancient structure. It is still considered the highest dome worldwide, and it has been ruling the skyline for more than 300 years. 

The Shard

The next landmark that catches your eye is The Shard of Glass. This 72-storeyed iconic skyscraper set against the Thames is a work of art by famous Italian architect Renzo Piano. It was situated in one of the most popular zones of London, Southwark. This tower houses some of the most reputed offices, popular restaurants and best hotel rooms offering breathtaking views.

The Thames

Once in the London eye, you cannot miss the magnificent Thames below. With 215 miles, it's the longest river in England that flows through London, harbouring this top city and popular destination. You can book a ferry to soak in the history and the journey of the Thames.

Tower Bridge

Having seen the Thames from above, it's impossible to miss the grandeur of Tower Bridge London. An icon of history and evolution, a piece of incredible machinery built on Neo-Gothic architecture standing for more than 100 years is a splendour of its own. This iconic bridge built on the combined bascule and suspension mechanism is the only bridge over the Thames that can be raised and lowered.

Jubilee Garden

Last but not least, you can never miss the Jubilee gardens beside the London Eye. It is one of London’s best gardens that you can observe with a bird's view from the Eye capsule. This garden is a testimony and memorial of the Spanish Civil war, so get in there and soak up some history that went into the formation of the city.


Hope you have got to know enough about what you should see from the exquisite London Eye. Now it's time for you to witness it in person. Plan an extended trip to the UK and stay in London Holiday Homes

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