How to Choose an Airbnb Property Management Company in India?

In the blog, we discuss the points to remember when choosing an Airbnb property management company in India.

Travelers are here, where are you? If you are looking for an investment opportunity that will give you a good profit it is imperative that you invest with a vacation property management company in India, like Especial Rentals to run your property as a vacation rental. The market for Airbnb is slowly expanding as people choose to travel more and you can think you can manage it without the help of a company with expertise in the field but it can be pretty stressful and time-consuming. No matter how much you pay attention to details you can't stay on top of everyday operations, especially when guests ask for a 24 x 7 support and you have your daily activities to go through. In such cases having the support of vacation property management services in India will help you overall in running your property smoothly all the while getting more benefits from them like an advertisement of your property, professional photography of your place, maintenance of your property, dispute resolutions as well as laundry, cleaning, and guest services. All these services are to make your experience hassle-free while also maintaining your ratings on the platform and getting you more bookings.

But how will you decide which holiday rental management company in India to go with?

What to look for when choosing a

Holiday Rental Property Management in India?

When deciding on a company it is important for you as an owner to check the following before finalizing a platform to list your property on among the various companies operating in your area:

Professional License And Certification of the company

A Vacation Rental Management Company in India would have a professional Certification and Licensing which will back their expertise in the field to prove their credibility. Multiple trade bodies issue these certifications after a thorough examination, training, and review. You can look for a Certified Residential Management Company certificate or a Residential Management Professional certification when looking at the companies.

Experience of the service provider

You would not want to hand over your property to any holiday rental property management in India who does not have any experience in the market. The company should be able to increase your property’s search ranking along with taking care of your guests and your property. A good service will be the one which will provide you with good marketing as well which will boost your income. You can review this by reading the reviews and references provided for the company and reaching out to them to know the personal experiences of the people who have already employed their services.

Fees as Charged by the company

When you are choosing a vacation property management services in India to list your property on it is of utmost necessity that you know what fees they are charging you and if their service is worth it. You need to know all the pros and cons of the model you are going to opt for regarding the fees of the company to know if you will end up turning a profit after all the expenses are done or not.

Property Management Agreement of the company

A property management agreement expands on the relationship between you and the company that is going to be responsible for your property. This is a very important agreement that you need to read before you sign it and get any adjustments made beforehand to avoid any ugliness in the future. The holiday rental management companies in India basically need to cover the following in their contracts:

  • The services they are going to provide you with

  • The fees they are going to charge for the services

  • What your responsibilities will be as a host during the term of the contract

  • What their responsibilities will be during the term of the contract

  • The duration of the contract’s validation

  • The termination clauses of the agreement.

The power of finding the right Airbnb property management company in India for your property is turning your venture into the Airbnb hosting field profitable. There are a few things you need to do before actually signing with a company that can make or break your investment which is why you need to choose Especial Rentals. We can assure you a benefit on your property without you having to worry about any of the stress of listings, marketing, property management, or keeping guests happy.


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