How To Visit Paris On A Budget?

Paris is a dream destination for a lot of us. And if you are a travel enthusiast, then the city of love should be on your bucket list. Whether you love adventure, are crazy about history or culture, or love to explore a historical city and its heritage, consider Paris in your list, as it will offer you almost everything. The other name of Paris is the ‘city of lights’ because of its enigmatic view during the night. The city also offers the best and most distinguished nightlife, so if you love to party hard, Paris will not disappoint you. 

But apart from all these, the fact that is more daunting is the budget. Paris is no doubt expensive, and there are a thousand ways to spend your hard-earned money, but also you will get thousands of ways to save money as well and make the entire trip budget-friendly and enjoyable. And renting a holiday home in Paris is one of the ways! It is comfortable, cheap and offers complete flexibility.

Here we will give you five exclusive tips to make your Paris trip more thrilling and adventurous by controlling your budget. If you can successfully follow these tips, you can save a lot more which you could use in other activities. 

So let's waste no more time and get started. 

Tips To Make Your Paris Trip More Budget-Friendly

Budget can be one of the major constraints while planning for a trip abroad, especially in a big city like Paris. Therefore, the tips below will apply not only to Paris but also to any travel planning.

Ditch Hotel & Opt Homestay 

Accommodation is one of the major aspects of your budget planning, and to be honest, the hotels in Paris are not cheap at all; they are very expensive. So if you plan to stay for 7 to 15 days, then hotel costs will occupy 45% of your budget. That is why people are inclined towards homestay as it offers more facilities in half of the budget allocated for hotels. Furthermore, a short-term vacation rental in Paris provides a more home-like feeling where you can cook or stay on your own, just like your home.

Skip Expensive Restaurants

Paris is famous for its food culture; you can find authentic dishes in most restaurants. But if you want to save more money, skip restaurants or cafes, especially for breakfast. Instead, opt for coffee and pastries in local bakeries. You can also opt for the Parisian food carts, which are as low as €5. Go for Take-away options as it is cheaper than dine in

The best option is to purchase cheap fresh groceries from food markets and cook a meal yourself.

Explore The City In Budget

Paris offers numerous picturesque sights, museums, boutiques and monuments, which requires you to travel a bit. Naturally, all this travel will add to your trip cost. But the following tips will help you cut costs without restricting your local travel. 


  • Exploring the city on foot during the night is not only a budget choice but will give you a brand-new experience. Paris provides daily walking tours: Paris Landmarks, Montmartre, Latin Quarter, Notre Dame and Marais.

  • You can also opt for a bicycle tour as it is famous among tourists.

  • A boat ride is another cheap option which offers a great city view

  • Take the backseat of a regular bus at a low price to explore the city

  • Metro ride is another great option to cut down travel expenses 


Visiting Paris will not be complete if you don't shop. Here are some exclusive tips for budget shopping

  • Go to Marché aux puces de la Porte de Montreuil,  Vanves, 59 Rivoli, for artefacts, furniture and vintage marvels.

  • Also, go to flea markets on Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays to purchase cheap antiques, other souvenirs and even books.

The Final Words

Any place can be enjoyed on a restricted budget; all you need to do is find the right way to cut unnecessary expenses without cutting down the major ones. So next time you plan to visit the city of love, don't forget about these tips; rather, smartly use them to enjoy the fullest. Also, for the best located holiday homes, do not forget to get in touch with Especial Rentals!


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