Enjoy Upscale Temporary Accommodations for Your Corporate Stays

Traveling for work can be pretty costly. Long-term business visits are more expensive than a one-day journey. Top Corporate Rentals in London offer a wide range of benefits in this situation. Corporate renting will be a lot more convenient for you, in terms of both the accommodation cost and the inclusion of all the extra facilities.

Corporate housing has numerous advantages over regular unfurnished apartments, extended stay motels, and hotels. People who relocate for employment can choose from a wide range of affordable housing options in new cities, making it easier for individuals to transfer to a new location.

Feel Like Home

Hotels are small. Even if you upgrade to a deluxe accommodation or a suite, the room itself may not be exceptionally spacious. When you stay in the hotel location for several weeks or months, you will need a place that reminds you more of home. You won't feel home-sick if you look into condos or apartments that come fully furnished as your housing options.

Select An Apartment Closer To Your Place Of Work

It's possible to find residences situated in closer proximity to your place of employment. If there aren't many hotels in the region, you can spend a lot of money on petrol. This is especially likely if you have to do a lot of commuting. On the other hand, you might be surprised by the variety of rental options in your immediate vicinity.

Choose Your Tenure

Top Corporate Rentals in London have the advantage of offering relatively flexible lease periods. Lease terms for corporate housing often begin at one month, and many are month-to-month rents. Additionally, the lease is almost always in the name of the company that manages the property. So, the entity can also sublease or sell the property to its customers, who will occupy it as a resident or renters. As a result, businesses can provide workers with furnished accommodation while avoiding the long-term commitment of renting an entire apartment year after year.

A Mix of Office and Home Furniture

When you stay in corporate housing instead of a hotel, you may look forward to more comfortable furniture. This means a more comfortable bed and additional furnishings to have more room to spread around and enjoy yourself. You can put yourself at ease on a couch, have a meal at a table in the dining area, and even get work done at an actual office desk.


The Top Corporate Rentals in London provide a level of safety and security significantly higher than a standard rental flat. Security and surveillance via CCTV are available around the clock 24x7.

Get All The Modern Amenities

The fact that most corporate housing is all-inclusive brings us to another advantage of this type of living arrangement. Instead of you having to pay for separate utilities, cable, and high-speed Internet service, the corporate housing provider will pay all of the bills for you and provide the apartment at a flat rate that will cover all of the costs. In addition, you won't have to worry about maintaining the apartment because they will maintain it for you. In addition to this, the corporate renter and the occupier of the property will have access to a customer support team that will ensure that all of their requirements are satisfied.

Washing machines, ovens, heaters and dryers are typically found in these types of residences and apartments that are completely furnished and equipped. You would save money by doing all of your laundry, cooking, and washing compared to the cost of sustenance if you were staying in a hotel.

Make Your Meals In A Furnished Kitchen

The cost of eating out may not be easy on your pocket and not to mention that it's often highly unhealthy. There is an alternative for those sick of eating out every time they go on a long-term business trip for their company. Full kitchens are provided in Top Corporate Rentals in London. If you so choose, you can store and prepare your food for each of the seven days of the week using the refrigerator, microwave, stove, and oven. This will save you money and health.


In general, a holiday home by Especial Rentals   offers a variety of possibilities for stays that are both inexpensive and convenient in many of the world's most populous cities. Because these fully-furnished residential units bring greater comfort to the company's employees, many businesses prefer to rent these units out to their personnel. Considering all of the benefits discussed in this article, corporate housing is undeniably beneficial in terms of cost efficiency for the firm and the comfort and convenience of the company's employees.


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