Make The Most Of The Christmas Festive Time In Dublin

The Irish capital is a breathtakingly beautiful city to visit throughout the seasons, but the town transforms itself in winter. There is something very special about traveling to Dublin during Christmas. Irish people were very religious earlier but may not be as spiritual as before, but they still love all things about Christmas and love spending Christmas in brand new ways. 

If you're planning to spend Christmas in Dublin, you have landed at the right place. In this article, we will guide you with some recommendations to enjoy Christmas in Dublin and give some ideas for some of the best things to do in Dublin at Christmas. So let's get started.  

Visit Temple Bar 

Temple Bar is one of the famous tourist destinations in Dublin, and there are numerous hip and happening pubs and nightclubs to choose from. Each pub is unique and with a warm and cosy environment, an alive ambience, the coolest crowd and blasting out live music.

The Temple Bar pub is located at the epicentre of The Temple Bar area and is one of the most happening pubs in Dublin. If you have enough cash to spend, this is the spot you must visit at Christmas. It is a highly expensive and touristy pub in Dublin, and the great part is you can find a very less Irish crowd here as it is all about tourists. We all know that Christmas in Ireland is too cold to dance, but the interior of this place is perfect to beat a cold winter night in Dublin. 

Attend Carols By Candlelight at the National Concert Hall 

Are you a fan of music and love to attend musical events all around the world? Then celebrate this Christmas eve by attending the mesmerizing musical event called Carols by Candlelight in Dublin. The magnificent concert is featured at the National Concert Hall, consisting of melodies and some of the amazing seasonal classics that are pleasant to your ears and soul. Praise the performances at the Mozart Festival Orchestra, which showcased traditional costumes of the 18th century. The best part is the concerts are held in a splendid candle-lit setting, which is amazing to watch. So, while in Dublin, don't forget to attend this melodious musical event to get a magical feeling and unique experience of the beauty of Dublin. 

Explore The City By Walking 

If you love walking around on the cool winter evening and exploring the city's beauty, then a walking tour is another great way to spend Christmas evening in Dublin. You can attend some adventurous tours that will help you explore the city. One such tour is  Pubs and Pictures, which is a tour that guides you to some of the more classy yet unique pubs in the city while letting you taste some local Irish beers. 

Another famous tour loved by many is Patrick's Hidden tours of Dublin. He is the finest tour guide with years of rich experience living in the city. He will provide you with loads of interesting information that will enrich your knowledge about the city's history, such as checking out Napoleon's gold toothbrush, which is somehow restored into Dublin City. And many other interesting historical facts. 

You can find loads of Dublin tours to choose from. If you love history, then there are history tours, Love Irish Beers? Go for craft beer tours, or you can also try out whiskey tours. People who are fond of mesmerizing historical structures can opt for architecture tours… The list is endless. 

The Conclusion 

Visiting Dublin in Winter or, more precisely, at Christmas is fun but also expensive as the hotels and restaurants are very expensive, especially during winter holidays. So, it is best to cut down on food and lodging expenses to enjoy the city more. Over the past few years, Airbnb and homestay, as well as rental holiday homes, have branched out from offering accommodation and facilitating, which are very affordable and easy to avail. So if you want to experience it, log in to Especial Rentals' website to get the best homestay deals at exclusive rates.


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