Top Reasons To Choose Holiday Rentals Instead of Hotels in London

The popularity of holiday rentals is rising among tourists, and most tourists choose rental homes over hotels accomodation for many reasons. Whether you plan for an extended holiday or short-term vacation, staying at a holiday home can save you from unwanted expenses. You can find the facility of vacation homes in almost all the world's top cities. So, if you are planning to visit the UK or, more precisely, London, consider staying in a holiday home. 

A Vacation Home in London will offer you hoards of facilities at an affordable price range. On the other hand, staying at the hotel will give you all the luxuries, but it will be not-so-gentle on your pocket. Furthermore, if you are planning to stay for a longer period, like 15 days or more, then a hotel will not be the ideal option for you. Apart from the high price range you will be missing the homely atmosphere and homely meals.

London- The City Of Ancient Heritage

London is not only the capital of the UK, but it is also one of the most important cities in the world. The cosmopolitan city is a major business hub and a prominent destination for art, education & commerce. Being a medieval city, it is equipped with great historical marvels. Therefore, people worldwide come and stay here for various purposes.  That is why you can see and witness a traditional culture among the locals. 

Food Cuisine

Expect a variety of cuisine, food, and restaurants everywhere, when visiting this city of charms. The taste of the East greatly impacts the food habits of the city, and therefore Asian cuisine and restaurants are widely available. So if you intend to visit London in the near future, plan your staycation at Vacation Home in London and explore the city in a new light.

Here we have mentioned a few reasons to consider a holiday home in London rather than choosing a luxe hotel.

Explore The Essence Of The City

London is a remarkable city with a thriving & versatile culture. London can offer a lot except for major tourist attractions. Although the famous tourist spots are a must-visit still, to get the true city vibe, you should explore the city by walking through the cobblestone streets and heading towards the local cafe & bistros. And staying in a local guy neighborhood will give you the freedom and opportunity to explore the city.

Stay As Local

A city and culture can only be explored if you live like a local. It can be done by discovering regional foods, cafes & restaurants, shopping from local markets, and, most importantly, mingling with local folks, giving you the city's true essence. So explore London like a Londoner rather than a mere tourist. Holiday homes become the ideal choice to give you the feel.

You can try the following.  

  • Try out English breakfast at local cafes

  • Explore the local markets and street markets

  • Buy flowers, groceries from the local market 

  • Try out a local restaurant for a regional meal

  • Hang out with the locals to understand their culture

Staying in a local neighborhood allows you to do all these and offers a city vibe that a fancy hotel can never offer.

Homely Comfort 

One of the major reasons to choose a vacation home in London is the in-house environment. These rentals are just like another home for you with various homely facilities like kitchen, laundry, garden, etc. You can cook your food or hang out in local cafes. A decent neighborhood makes it even more pleasing & safe. A vacation home is quite spacious. You can enjoy the space like your own home, and it will provide enough privacy for you & your guests. 

Cost Saving 

Rental homes are easier on the pocket than hotels. Furthermore, if you are traveling with a large group, the per head cost decreases significantly, whereas the per head cost remains on the higher side if you opt for a hotel in London. 

Some Famous Localities In London

The magnificent city offers very different views and feels at various locations. Each neighborhood has its distinct characteristics. You can stroll at the local park or read a book in your garden while listening to music and sipping your favorite beverages. 


If you are looking for a decent neighborhood with a homely environment, lush greenery, and small cafes & restaurants, then look for a holiday home in Fulham. Furthermore, Fulham is well connected to all the major spots. 


If you want to explore Bohemian culture & the posh nightlife, you must select Soho. Situated between Piccadilly Circus & Oxford Street, Soho offers numerous bars, pubs & food joints to satisfy your tummy and bohemian Souls.


People who are peace lovers must go for a rental in the furthest north locale of London known as Hampstead. It is a peaceful neighborhood with friendly locals and beautiful scenery. It is located in the furthest north, so you need to travel more to the central and south. A pretty place to stay if you live traveling and exploring.

Notting Hill

Situated in the city's west, Notting Hill is famous for the rom-com movie by the same name. The place is famous for its vibrant houses, beautiful cafes & shops, famous food plazas, and almost everything you need. The underground station is connected to all the district lines & central lines. Due to all these facilities, the prices of rental homes at Notting hill are slightly on the higher side.

Earls Court 

If you are more prone to staying in the city's south, then Earl's Court is suitable. Although the place is a bit expensive, it is crowded with hotels, restaurants & famous museums. Those visiting London for the first time or who like to discover museums, then hire a rental home at Earls Court.


Hope you have gathered some important information to make your staycation happening yet affordable.  For any assistance, you can browse through the offerings of and get more deals and discounts





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