An Ultimate Guide To the London Apartments for Rent

Tourism in the UK has never disappointed any traveler, and London is right there, at the heart of it all. It appears to be an unintentional shrine of culture and history, with many things of the past still intact: a famous place for its red telephone booths, iconic black taxis, stunning architecture, and so much more. Art and culture flow through the veins of the place and keep the creative energy in the air. In this blog, we’ll explore what you can do in the capital of England and where you can live—hint: London apartments for rent.

The capital houses world-class museums and galleries with an active theatre and performance scene. Not to forget, if you are a literature buff, London’s streets might lead you to your favorite authors. For an artist, London’s streets are a vessel of creativity and inspiration. People from around the globe plan to visit the Big Smoke at least once. Tourists often prefer living in London to experience this powerhouse of art and culture and dive deep like Londoners. And that’s why we recommend choosing London vacation rentals as your accommodation.

London Apartments for Rent and Things to Do in the City

The capital of the United Kingdom represents one too many cultures. Alongside the Royal legacy, the British Museum is a rich reservoir of many countries around the globe, each representing a history worth knowing. So, let’s embark on a journey to experience life in London without compromising the comfort of living in a home.

1. Experience the Royal legacy

Every Londoner and the tourist are star-struck when they get a glimpse of the Royal family. Buckingham Palace is one of the most famous spots for those planning a first-time trip to London. However, many go there every visit because they can’t get enough of the majestic structure.

Have you ever thought about living close to the Royal family? We've got you covered. Especial Rentals leverages serviced apartments for rent in London. One is right next to Sussex Gardens—a location just 10 minutes away from Buckingham Palace.

Also, do not forget to take the double-decker ride. The famous London bus will take you around the city and will be an experience of a lifetime. Other places you can visit in London that are as charming as ever are the London Eye, Big Ben, and the Tower of London. What’s going to be your first pick among these four?

2. Satisfy the Literature buff in you

Many readers want to go to London because they know Sherlock Holmes, Shakespeare, Virginia Woolf, and many others. Or they want to know more about their favorite authors. Did you know you can book a London taxi tour that will take you all around the fictional creations of Sir Arthur Canon Doyle? Moreover, you can visit 221 Baker Street and find the Sherlock Holmes Museum there. Hyde Park is famous for Virginia Woolf! The readers would know why!

Another incredible Literary legend stemmed from the streets of London. William Shakespeare lived and breathed in the city, the same person who wrote Romeo & Juliet, Hamlet, and many other notable plays. Shakespeare’s Globe is a testament to his creative artistry; everyone should visit the phenomenon at least once. And if you want to live in the vicinity of the majestic marvel, then we have a London vacation rental for you on Saint George's Road, just 11 minutes away from the Globe.

3. Tour of the Thames River

You can explore London on foot, by road, or even through water. If a double-decker ride was super fun for you, imagine sailing through the Thames River, the city's lifeline. You will become a spectator of many different canals, making you feel like you are in Venice. But simultaneously, a whole new facet of London will open up to you! Sailing through the water to witness city life is pure joy, and the capital of United Kindom is here to offer you that!

4. Visit for the Sports Madness

Call it football or soccer; nobody celebrates it better than Londoners. Every single human being carries within themselves a passion for the sport. The energy is infectious. Whether you visit Wembley, Emirates, Craven Cottage, or the recent Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, you will have one hell of a weekend.

Are there any tennis or rugby fans here? Wimbledon hosts these sports, and the crowd goes wild whenever their favorite lot wins. Why don’t you consider joining the cheerful madness?

Why Should You Choose London Serviced Apartments during your visit?

The best hotels in London are in its center. But you know why a lot of people don’t stay there? The traffic, large groups of tourists, and costs are rocket high, especially during the holiday season. Most of these factors lead to long waiting lines at restaurants, surge charges in hotels, and unlimited waiting on taxis in the city's busiest areas.

Transportation, however, is not a huge issue in the capital. It has a well-connected public transport channel, covering almost all the areas. Tubes, buses, trams, overground trains, you name it, and it’s there. Accommodation, on the other hand, can make or break your trip.

Opting for vacation rentals in London saves you a ton of money and offers space to move around the city. Having your own serviced apartment in London is a luxury at a lesser price. A fully-furnished kitchen, clean beds, attached dining rooms, a chance to get to know locals, and finding comfort in your home away from home are some benefits of staying in rental apartments in London, United Kingdom.

You can choose the location of your stay based on the landmark you prefer and make friends with Londoners. And let’s face it, cooking your own food in the kitchen during peak hours and then looking out the window to the city view in a completely foreign country sounds like a fictional dream. Does it not? You can embrace the feeling of living in London without becoming a resident.

These are just a few reasons people should opt for rental apartments in London instead of struggling with traditional living situations. Especial Rentals can help you find a suitable home away from home and make the experience hassle-free. So, if you like our properties, get in touch!


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