Save Your Date For Paris Fashion Week In September

Paris Fashion Week is one of the world's most significant and glamorous events. It is one of the oldest yet most prestigious fashion events worldwide. People from all around the world come here to witness these gigantic and glamorous shows of fashion trends and styles. So if you are the one who loves to be in trends and is quite interested in the fashion world, then get ready to attend the biggest Fashion carnival this September. 

Paris Fashion Week occurs twice a year, once in February and the other in September. It showcases seasonal fashion.  World-renowned fashion designers participate in displaying their creativity, talent, and passion. The stage becomes a battlefield of glamorous creations, and people worldwide witness some of the finest ensemble collections. As a result, all the hotels and motels become crowded. In addition to that, accommodation becomes pretty expensive during this time. So if you want to visit Paris to attend the Fashion Week, plan early and book your tickets accordingly. If you want to cut costs and look for a more personal space to stay in, we suggest going for short-term rental homes in Paris or homestays instead of hotels.

Some Facts About The Paris Fashion Week

So check out the following facts about The Paris Fashion Week 2022. Read it out to know all the necessary details about the show.

  • As stated earlier, The Paris Fashion Week returns (September 26, 2022) with its brand new ready-to-wear collection with amusing catwalk shows. It will continue till October 4, 2022. The fashion event is an excellent opportunity to discover the next season's major fashion trends.

  • Besides clothing items and garments, there is also a section for fashion accessories showcasing world-class accessories of various genres. It starts on September 30, 2022, and is entirely devoted to fashion accessories. It will be held in Jardin Des Tuileries. So in case you have a thing for accessories, then don't miss it.

  • From 2nd to 5th September, the final part of the show will take place, known as the Impact show. This is the last phase, and it is more conscious about promoting ethically conscious, sustainable, and socially conscious fashion. Some of the biggest brands, like Le Slip Francais, Ekyog and Emmaus, etc., participate in this impact show as they promote ethical and cruelty-free fashion. It started in 2019 but has gained much popularity in these short phases.

  • Like every year this year, the fashion week also has a star-studded guest list from Hollywood divas to famous fashion icons that are held together to give you some excellent experience and exposure.

  • You will witness some of the most prominent fashion designers and their innovative and expensive collections. So prepare to stay awestruck when you see some dazzling models wearing some of the finest collections setting the floor on fire with their exceptional skills. 

Stay At Holiday Homes In Paris & Make The Most Of Your Paris Fashion Week

The homestays are well maintained and equipped with all the necessary modern amenities. Most of it has kitchen facilities where you can cook your food, and the kitchen has all the necessary utensils to live like a local. You can enjoy the neighborhood and local markets at your leisure and can explore the city like a local. Homestay is way cheaper than hotels and offers a personalized experience. Unlike hotels, you can live at your own pace, bring your food, or can even cook your food. And unlike hotels, you will not face a huge crowd and stay peaceful while exploring the city of love and Witnessing the gala of fashion. 

At Especial Rentals, you will get great deals on a vacation rental in Paris. Go through their website to get exclusive offers, and the advanced filter option will help you find your preferred homestay at nearby localities. So book it now to attend the Fashion extravaganza in coming September. And if you are attending it for the first time, then the following facts will help you to know more about this event. But if you have already attended before then, these facts will still blow your mind.


Paris Fashion Week is one of the biggest and most happening fashion events that must be witnessed once in a lifetime. Hope you have known all the necessary details of this event, so just wait a few more days to witness Marvel with your own eyes.

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