Magical Ways To Spend Christmas In London

There is no better time to visit London than during the time of Christmas. Christmas is truly the ideal time to visit the city to witness the magic and beauty. This is the only time the busy streets come alive with the flood of dreamy lights, so majestic that it often makes you feel like you are inside a Christmas tree! Not only Christmas, but you can feel certain magic throughout the month of December. The lights suddenly seem brighter, with the locals' dazzling smiles, and London's special tourist attractions look even more beautiful than usual. The entire European Christmas market starts to sing the song of Christmas with new hope and lights in their eyes. Please read our guide about the most recommended activities you must enjoy in your upcoming London trip in winter. 

Let's start with some of the coolest activities you can do in London on Christmas. These activities will let you enjoy the winter and help you discover London in a new light.

Things To Experience In London During Christmas

Winter Wonderland

If you want to witness the Brit’s version of a traditional European Christmas Market, visit Winter Wonderland. It is the most important Christmas activity for any Londoners and outsiders visiting London in November/December. As the name suggests, it is truly a world of wonder. Things To Witness:

Colourful and cheerful roller coasters, German pop-up stalls selling glühwein, a magnificent carousel bar (that rotates madly), and not to mention all the lip-smacking Christmas market food you can only dream of: like waffles, crepes, pretzels and more. But the best part is you don't need to pay any entry fee as it is free.

Ice Skating

There is nothing more interesting to experience in winter than ice skating, as it is one of the best ways to get in the winter spirit in London. So wrap up an ice skating session at one of the capital’s ice rinks to witness the charm and beauty and get into the mood of Christmas. 

Top attractions:

Some top attractions include Hyde Park, Canary Wharf, Battersea Power Station, Somerset House, etc. These are some of the city’s best and most charming ice skating venues during the winter months in London.

Burlington Arcade

Another winter attraction, or especially a Christmas attraction of London, is The Burlington Arcade. It was created in 1819 and is wonderful any time of year, but it becomes magical during Christmas. December is beyond magical for Londoners, and this place is wonderfully decorated with glamorous Christmas spirit and vibes. The arcade features a lot of things, including a range of local artisans, International designers, British brands and a lot more things. The Christmas decorations adorn the arcade throughout December.

Meet Santa Grottos

While in London on Christmas, don't miss the chance to meet the man himself at one of many Santa’s grottos in London. He is the famous bearded guy in red who will set up his specialised shop at a number of famous locations for a limited period during the Christmas holidays. If you are coming with family, then your children can have a chat with him and receive a little gift in return, 

Locations To Be Covered

Harrods, Selfridges, Winter Wonderland, ZSL London Zoo, Hamleys, Kew Gardens and more. But it is essential to book in advance.

The Conclusion

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